Counter balance

Counter balance

bigwill6370 asked: Very gorgeous lady love ur body

Thank you!

biggirllovwr asked: Hi very sexy lady. Are you folks swingers?

We haven’t done that yet.

toadswildride13 asked: Toad squat!

What is that!?

jackstanley1 asked: I bet you fuck like something possesed.

I’ve been known to get a little crazy

toadswildride13 asked: Good morning how did you Sleep

Not enough of it!

toadswildride13 asked: Would it be possible to see a picture of your perfect wife in heels squatting ? You lucky lucky man

If you check my archive you’ll find one but I’ll add another soon

shadowness13 asked: Just discovered you and am new to tumblr. Your body is awesome.

Welcome and thank you!

mr4sure2 asked: Wish I could have you for the night

Only one night?

mr4sure2 asked: Very beautiful

Thank you!

toadswildride13 asked: Do you do requests?

I try but no promises

ourkinkykountry asked: I would love to lick your pussy and ass before I fucked both. VERY SEXY BABE

Thank you!

joelikesbbw asked: Mmmmm like this pic hun , love those sexy heels wish I can see you wear short skirt with those heels on , I bet you look hot you think you can do that for me please !

I can try

Target acquired!

Target acquired!