Anonymous said: Take a c pic pee ing

Have I done that?

2durty4you2 said: Can I see more peeing pics

Just added some a day or two ago…but I’ll get more.

ecbw said: I hope you licked it first!!! Awesome pic. Thank you!

You’re welcome!

Anonymous said: I want to eat your pussy from behind

I know why…😉

samosamstuff said: I hope if i can fuck harder her big white sexy ass ?!

Many apparently have that dream…how flattering!

trim69 said: Oh my she is fucking hot

Thank you!

toadswildride13 said: mrs J , can you please do some pussy spreading. Pick with those Sexy fingers of yours ? But I want you on all fours rehashing around back spreading for me ? Be very dramatic with your fingers

Not sure I can do that! I have a lot of booty to circumnavigate! 😉

il2lacw said: I love your physique! What are your measurements?

38DD 32 47…..last time I checked (I think they’ve gotten bigger though!)

assloverthings said: Can u squirt! :-) :-) :-)

Sort of. Not quite as expertly as some

toadswildride13 said: Two great finger videos thx

Ur welcome!

2durty4you2 said: Hey I have a ?

What is it?

Lots of roundness

Lots of roundness

Mrs J makes sure to always get her veggies in

Mrs J makes sure to always get her veggies in

Diddle, diddle

Diddle, diddle

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Holy wow!!!

Holy wow!!!